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Mobility Management

Our Strategic Partners:

Mobility Matters

Mobility management is a comprehensive, strategic, cost-effective approach to encourage the development of services and best practices in the coordination of transportation services connecting people needing transportation to available transportation resources within a community. Its focus is the person — the individual with specific needs — rather than a particular transportation mode. Mobility management involves creating partnerships with providers to enhance travel options, and then developing means to effectively communicate those options to the public.

In January 2015, Mobility Matters, a nonprofit organization, formerly known as Senior Helpline Services, began providing mobility management services in Contra Costa County facilitating collaboration and coordination between public and private transportation providers in order to create a network of integrated options that primarily address the mobility needs of seniors, individuals with disabilities and low income individuals.

If you have questions about mobility management or need help being matched with an appropriate transportation provider to meet your needs, please call Mobility Matters Transportation Information and Referrals Helpline at (925) 284-6109 or toll free at
1 (855)234-RIDE (7433).